Das Mu-Rätsel, 1985
[ The MU puzzle, 1985 ]

Stage environment (after Douglas R Hofstadter: Gödel, Escher, Bach)
Schauspielhaus Graz (in the framework of steirischer herbst) (AT), Schauspielhaus Vienna (AT)

Five video monitors, live camera, six videotapes (50 min.), footage digitised and computerised, computer animations. Used animation technology: Commodore C64 with digitiser and graphics tablet, disco-laser, Mupid with graphics tablet, video camera, U-matic lowband

In co-production with Gudrun Bielz

A media environment was integrated into the stage design of Mu-Rätsel, a theatrical production by Hubsi Kramar, shown in the Schauspielhaus Graz as part of the steirischer herbst and in the Schauspielhaus in Vienna. The videotapes and the closed-circuit installation are based on variations of Gödel's mathematical theorems, Escher's drawings and Bach's fugues.

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Gudrun Bielz and Ruth Schnell have made a trick film for the "steirischer herbst" dealing with the standard theme of Gödel/Escher/Bach, without, however, joining the cult of a god-like thinking machine.
Of course, cybernetics is the beginning of a new religion that prophesies its apocalypse with Star Wars. In this context, surely, Gudrun Bielz and Ruth Schnell seem like two atheists who secretly read black masses in the cathedrals of technocracy. The blasphemous keyword is: disassembly! Dismantling of the pictures, dismantling of reality.

Friedrich Geyrhofer, in: Der blamierte Computer [The disgraced computer]

1985, Das Mu-Rätsel, Schauspielhaus Graz/steirischer herbst, Schauspielhaus Wien, Graz, WIen (AT)


=> Geyrhofer, Friedrich: Der blamierte Computer. Publiziert in: Wiener, November 1985
Bielz, Gudrun und Schnell, Ruth: On the occasion of La Biennale di Venezia, Aperto 1990, Wien 1990