Dialogue in Transition, 2010

12 pieces light installation
EnBW-City, Stuttgart (D), competition

110 m (connecting passage ENBW building)

The computerised light installation Dialogue in Transition employs the transitory character of the 110-meter-long “netwalk” of the EnBW building in Stuttgart, which connects all parts of the complex. Twelve 35 cm-high light sticks with white LEDs are mounted to the wall at eye level. For the moving observers, words and graphic icons seem to float for a brief moment in front of the wall and in the space. The terms and imagery originate from a data pool comprising thousands of entries on the topics “humans” and “energy”.

Die Arbeit wurde 2010 im Rahmen eines Wettbewerbs als eine von vier künstlerischen Arbeiten beauftragt und realisiert. Weitere Werke stammen von Michael Bielicky, Jeppe Hein und Mischa Kuball.