... er hängt an einem Traume, von der roten Republik (1848), 2007
[ ... he holds to the dream of the red republic (1848), 2007 ]

Light object
Commissioned by the friends' association of the Städtische Galerie Offenburg

80 x 240cm (tableau), 18cm (light stick)
Tableau (MDF), UV printing, epoxy resin, light bar composed of 32 white super-bright LEDs, circuit board, eprom, power supply converter

The vertical format of the tableau dynamises the chosen wall segment at the Municipal Gallery of Offenburg and is reminiscent of advertising columns and banners – media used to proclaim information and opinions at the dawn of the industrial age. Additionally, the UV printed image surface is coated with red-transparent epoxy resin.

The letters and words generated by the light stick refer to the topics of utopia and ideals against the backdrop of the principles of the Baden Revolution of 1848–49.

The work was commissioned by Offenburg Förderverein Archiv, Museum und Galerie and presented as an endowment to Offenburg Municipal Gallery.

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