Shirt, 1996

Video installation
Man's shirt, hanger, wardrobe, videotape with sound, video player, video projector

A men's shirt is placed on a hanger in front of a wall. The shirt is open and reveals the inside of the back panelside, where a vertical crack is projected. The crack appears to blow easily in the wind. Apparently, the crack allows visual "transparency", opening a space beyond and revealing a moving image: within the edges of the crack, the viewer sees the sea, the horizon, and a section of the sky. The image is slightly tilted; the horizontal line runs diagonally in the image section, as do the movements of the horizon line, sky and sea. The video footage was taken during a cruise in Japan. The sound is the original sound of the recording, water and wind.

icon camera Images

Single Image

1998, Mobilität, Palais Liechtenstein, Feldkirch (AT)
1998, FIAC, Galerie Lisi Hämmerle, Paris (FR)
1996, Ruth Schnell, Galleria Del Cortile, Rome (IT)