Territorism, 2002

Dynamic video projection
Project for the facade of Kunsthaus Bregenz (AT)

Dimensions variable
5 video projectors, control computer/hard disk player, videotapes, 10 speakers, sound disc

Assistance: Patricia Köstring
Sound: Nico Kirisits
Post-production: Peter Koger, Manuel Maxl
Recording and projection: Mäser digital media/Daniel Flatz
Performer (hand-acting): Roland Adlassnig
Curator KUB: Rudolf Sagmeister

Territorism is a multi-part video projection developed for the Kunsthaus Bregenz (KUB), displayed at the entrance, on the side facade of the KUB, and on the facade of the adjacent Landestheater [State Theatre]. The projection is visible after dark and was installed during the summer of 2002.

Moving and distorted single projections create a simulated spatial structure that connects the KUB building with its surroundings. The overall staging can only be experienced through the movement of the observers.

On the glass skin of the Kunsthaus a hand is projected, moving along the facades with a model tank. Through speakers placed on the building one can listen to a voice that simulates shots and detonations.

A second projected hand seems to lean on the buildings. The movements of both hands- concurrent with the sound- refer to an actor, indicating a play on the ground.

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The guiding hand and the armor refer to the real matter of the control of war: they show the human being as the ultimate and true actor, demonstrate his power over the material that is 'in his hand', and also perhaps show a bit of violence.

The provocative transformation that manifests in projection, in artificial images, is further escalated when toys and games are once again associated with a hand and armor. - A game is a special kind of fiction, a “test action”, an action of devised possibilities - the game is virtuality in the original sense.

Cathrin Pichler (translated from the original German)

2002, Territorism, KUB, Bregenz (AT)