ZOONE, 1985

Media environment
Shown at Amerlinghaus Vienna (A) in the context of the "Computerkulturtage"

Two monitors, large-format image projector, sound, two videotapes (computer animation), cage

In co-production with Gudrun Bielz
Music/sound: Franz K Theiniger

When the elephant falls from the tree, the ants die
zoone- zone, zoo
Computer images quickly animate a composition scheme with rhythm changes —
Screen 1 varies the main theme, screen 2 varies the main theme — quick images
penetrate under the skin like arrowheads
it builds up, breaks down
There is no escape from the zone — animals behind bars, video behind bars — who
looks at whom — this blue-dissolved rhinoceros on the screen looks at the viewer— the
viewer, at the arrows that are shot at him

icon camera Images

Single Image