COMBATscience, 2008

Multimedia environment with performative inserts
Reception room and rehearsal stage at the Volkstheater, Vienna (AT)

Dimensions variable
Vestibule and staircase: speakers; space 1: four projectors; rehearsal stage: five projectors, speakers, string curtain, lighting; two actors; publication A6 format

In Kooperation mit Cathrin Pichler

COMBATscience takes the life stories of the German scientist and Nobel Prize winner Friedrich Haber (1868–1934) and his wife, the chemist Clara Immerwahr (1870–1915), as a motif for the development of various topics. How did modern war begin? How did the instruments of annihilation come into existence and how do they come into existence nowadays? What has been the role of science in that regard? In this performative collage, war events of the past and the present pass by, as well as their scientific foundations.

Friedrich Haber and Clara Immerwahr were involved with different mindsets in the tide of events of the First World War – Haber used his knowledge as chief designer of the German gas war for the warfare, while pacifist Clara Immerwahr committed suicide after the first poison gas attack by German troops in 1915. The theatrical ambience is transformed into a multimedia staged environment composed of several installations. The viewers penetrate the space, moving between the temporal episodes and spatial stations of the action spectrum.

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COMBATsciene is a co-production of the Volkstheater/Hundsturm and the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

(Performance May 2008)

2008, COMBATscience, Volkstheater, Wien (AT)