In between, 1999

Site-specific computerized light installation
Dimensions variable
Computerized light projector, computer

The installation space is a former church, which has all the signs of an excavation site – the ground is excavated with remains of the walls of former tombs, and the plaster is cut off with remnants of faded frescoes. Only the entrance area of the space is accessible.

The installation stages an open, unpredictable sight choreography. In the completely darkened nave, a cone of light moves across the surfaces of the entire room. Specific to this are the unsteady movements and the surprising change of direction and speed of the light cone. The result is the impression of light motion as a self-movement, which imposes on the viewer an externally determined view. Only the moving cone of light as the light source in the room allows visibility and visual perception.

From: Ruth Schnell: Seeing how you see – the participatory view. Lecture with video examples at the symposium "The chances of blurring" in the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vaduz, December 2001

1999, In between, Johanniterkirche, Feldkirch (AT)