MotU #1, #2, #3, 2011

Series “Mirrors of the Unseen (MotU)”

Light object
28 x 11 x 8cm each
Three painted steel casings, three light sticks, each equipped with 128 elliptic LED's, three circuit boards with microprocessor, flash memory, two light sensors, power supply

At what point are terms recognisable and can be integrated into one’s own linguistic system? Which synonymous manifestations does language have? The light objects MotU #1 to #3 present onomatopoetic stories and form exemplary linguistic reference systems. The matrix of light words is complemented with icons, which are likewise generated by the light sticks – image messages that incorporate, reflect, or disrupt the polylogical reference systems of words.

For MotU #1 to #3 LED light sticks with 64 super-bright LEDs respectively were mounted in painted stainless steel housings.

2011, Mirrors of the Unseen, Grita Insam Gallery, Vienna (AT)