Computerized light installation, not realized
Education centre Mühleholz II, Vaduz (FL), competition, third prize

400cm (light stick)
Light bar with 3,200 super-bright white LEDs, heated stainless steel case, acrylic glass cylinder, 4 microprocessors, external control computer

The light installation RETINAL SCRIPT was designed for an expansion of an education centre in Vaduz, planned by architect Günther Domenig. A 4m-high light stick, consisting of vertically arranged white light-emitting diodes (LEDs), is attached to a prominent projection on the front side.

Analogous to the architectonic concept of Domenig – for instance, the architect forces deliberate movements through the installation of an inclined plane – the movement of the observers becomes one of the constituent factors for RETINAL SCRIPT. Letters and words unfold as ephemeral and translucent billboards in front of the facade. Depending on the position and movement of the viewer, they might be extended to 20m over the architecture and the spatial environment.

In addition to a stand-alone version, whose words refer to the building and its function, interactive possibilities of word generation were considered. Part of the piece is a control computer system with a simple user interface for direct input, or for intranet or Internet connection. In addition, access to the school website (members area) as a portal and reference system is provided.

The result is a transformable "portrait" of the school in real time, a platform that can be dealt with in several ways.

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