transFORM, 2005

Sculpture, not realized
Roundabout Oberalm/Salzburg (AT), competition

Steel pipes 300 cm each; carrier 362 x 312 cm
20 x 20 galvanised steel pipes (5 cm diameter), carrier element made of reinforced concrete, transfer pipes, frame screws

transFORM is a sculpture for the roundabout at the entrance of Oberalm (Salzburg). In addition to the artery in the direction of north–south, there is access to a supermarket, and a connection to the Bosch plant in Hallein.

400 galvanized steel tubes, each 3m long, are arranged horizontally as a square intersecting a concrete block. All tubes can be moved horizontally and sideways. The construction follows the basic idea of ​​a pinscreen toy, in which metal pins cover the surface topography- for example, of facial parts or hands- and reproduce a bodily volume. transFORM translates snapshots of dynamic situations into three-dimensional models, and rescales them in real space. The underlying images were taken from production processes of the Bosch Group in Hallein: for example, a six-rayed "star" of an injection process or detailed images of flows in a test flask.

While a viewer drives around and views this shape from the side, it is dissolved in the viewer´s perception, the lateral perspective generates a Moiré-effect illusion.

The competion contribution includes a sequence of "motives", each lasting a certain period of time. Thereafter, the bars are manually moved to a new three-dimensional shape.

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