Box I/II, 1990

2 video sculptures
Per Box: 20 x 35 x 100 cm
Two boxes, lacquered steel, per box: five colour monitors, video player, videotape (computer animation)

In co-production with Gudrun Bielz

The sculpture as a material shell (housing) around the immaterial image in the material body (monitor) or:

The sculpture as a core, permeated by the immaterial image. The video images radiate from the inside of the sculpture, becoming visible through five viewing slits. The video image is divided into five stripe images stripes that optically compose a whole picture. These fractional images rhythmically shift apart in a time delay and then return to the starting point (enclosed image). The delay gives the impression of a "chaotic" image that moves back and forth to find the resting position (order, balance, the enclosed image).

Installation in the Tiroler Landesmuseum: opposite a Gothic winged altar (colours: red, green, blue), originally the closed "picture window" on working days, the open window on public holidays. The boxes are closed and open at the same time. The colours of the video are RGB – red, green and blue.

icon camera Images

Single Image
Single Image
Single Image

icon video Video

BOX I + II, 1990, two installed video sculptures by artist duo BIELZ/SCHNELL: a cold and distant-looking metal case with five narrow viewing slits, in which video images appear from the inside. Between themselves and in connection with the rest there seem to be : characters or simple geometrical forms, in the colours red, blue and green, which disappear at certain intervals, to emerge again elsewhere, forming their own system of signs within the sculpture, including the image enclosed in its content, similar to the Gothic winged altar, revealed only in a partial format. The apparent disorder and randomness emerge only during closer inspection as a logical sequence, as dialectics of perception and imagination, part of the picture and the overall picture and of the material nature and the immaterial imaginativeness.

Günther Dankl, in: 1370/72-1990: Eine künstlerische Begegnung [1270/72-1990: an artistic encounter]

1990, Video IV, Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum, Innsbruck (AT)
1990/1991, Im Licht des Monitors, Kunstverein Graz, Graz (AT)
1990/1991, Im Licht des Monitors, Kunstverein Horn, Horn (AT)
1990/1991, Im Licht des Monitors, Haus der Galerie, Prag (CZ)