montréal2000, 2000

Videotape for one screen, 60 min., sound

By using the own body as interface, the video work montréal2000 (created in the year 2000) gives continuity to the artistic strategy of implementing new forms of perception by intertwining real and virtual spaces of action.

In Schnell's installations Body Scanned Architecture and Gegen die Zeit the human body and its movement in space were projected onto architecture or respectively onto an architectural assemblage, and there the entanglement of the action spaces was determined by the distortion of the body projection due to the wireframes of the real or virtual architecture. In montréal2000, a movie that is being played on TV is reflected on the face of the artist. The acting bodies - protagonists of an encrypted porn film on a pay channel - remain hidden. The video was shot in a hotel room in Montreal.

In montréal2000, the fascination with the duplication of film in film, screen in screen, becomes the starting point for a complex chain of perspectives, composed of conceptual, real, and virtual spaces. The chain contains: a hotel room, hotel room porn, viewing, filming yourself while viewing, and releasing this film again to be watched by someone else. The uni-directional movement from the intimate to the public space is thwarted: Since Schnell avoids the pay-channel principle, she gets to see a disturbed picture, one that is self-assembled (the original, undisturbed film is also not to her taste), and as such, the hotel porn film remains hidden from the viewers.

Patricia Köstring, in: Triebwerk magazine, No. 2, Vienna 2001

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